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Gold Jewelry Set

Our Story

Sheila, the founder of Aurum, has had a deep appreciation for jewelry since she was young. While growing up in the U.S, she would spend summers in Iran exploring the exquisite gold jewelry stores and admiring the unique designs. Her love for jewelry grew as she adorned herself with the numerous golden bangles her grandmother gifted her. She would look forward to future trips where she would find more unique pieces to bring back home to the U.S. Over the years, Sheila's fascination with jewelry remained unwavering.


After completing her university education, Sheila embarked on a career in the diamond jewelry industry. With 13 years of experience under her belt, and the support of friends, colleagues, and family, she decided to establish her own brand of jewelry, Aurum. 


The name Aurum carries multiple layers of significance. Derived from Latin, it directly translates to "gold," symbolized by the letters Au on the periodic table of elements. This connection to the precious metal reflects the brand's essence. Additionally, Aurum holds a beautiful connection to various languages. In French, Spanish, and Italian, "or" and "oro" are used to represent gold, stemming from the Latin root, aurum. However, the most profound meaning for Sheila comes from Persian, the language spoken by her and her family. In Persian, "Aurum" signifies calmness, which perfectly aligns with the serene experience she aims to provide her customers during the jewelry buying process. At Aurum, the journey of purchasing beautiful jewelry should never be intimidating, overwhelming, or rushed.


Stay Aurum and let the tranquility guide your jewelry selection.

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